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TNQ is home to so many talented individuals and we’re always looking for ways to shine the spotlight on them. Among the many avenues we explore, one of our favourite activities is a good photo opportunity. Whether it’s freezing candid moments of everyday office life or capturing stunning scenes of nature, our teams have an inspiring passion for photography. 

With shutterbugs around the globe celebrating Photography Week in August, we hosted a photography competition on this year’s theme – ‘Understanding Clouds’. With over 140 entries, our judges had a hard time picking the most creative ones! 

The photographs we received showcased the many moods of our skies, from soft cotton candy hues to dramatic rain clouds – all meticulously framed.

Fiery sunsets

Some of our team members are privy to gorgeous fiery sunsets that they catch after a day of editing through manuscripts and coding away.

Country roads and stunning skies

The travel bug has been making its rounds in the office. In their downtime, our people hit the road and drive down paths unknown in search of adventure.

Pink and purple palette

These photos capture the fleeting beauty of blushing skies and the dark silhouettes against them.


These photographers were inspired by the waters and the skies coming together. Some calm, some fierce!

What do you see in the clouds?

We’ve all spent time looking at clouds and seeing recognisable shapes in them. We asked our Communications Designer what she saw in some of these photographs. You can tell she loves animals!

Keep clicking

A big thank you to everyone who shared their stunning photos with us. Each image told a story – of observation and beauty in everyday moments we sometimes take for granted.

All the entries

About the author: Anitha Raju is the Head of HR at TNQ technologies. Her cheerful demeanour shines through as she takes on the challenges and joys of creating a nurturing and happy workplace for our 3500 employees.

5 Responses

  1. I appreciate the idea of writing a blog about the photography competition. It is always a good idea to summarize an event so that readers can comprehend the event’s popularity and the mood of the participants who shared their colorful and creative photographs. I liked how the communications team’s interpretation of clouds as animals demonstrates their creativity. I hope that, in the future, this blog will attract more participants to such events. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera, you can consider yourself a photographer. This is an excellent example of a brief and straightforward blog!

  2. What a talented bunch and who better than Anitha to shine the spotlight on them !

  3. It is good initiation to express the individual employees talent. Thanks to Anitha and HR Team.

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