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Extracted from the core of our production technology, Smart Central is our suite of microservices that are transforming publishing workflows

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Combining decades of industry
experience with ML technology


Plug-and-play modules of API-based microservices

Process efficiencies

Significant cost-saving potential through process efficiencies

Agile & flexible

Configurable to multi-use case,
from submission to delivery

Speed to market

Redesign publishing value chains and reduce time-to-publish

Error aware

Error awareness to point exactly where human intervention is needed

High accuracy

Trained on millions of datasets with focus on reducing false positives

These microservices are built on the SMART principles

Microservices Under
smart Central

Compliant manuscripts.
Accurate metadata.

Extracts key metadata and performs comprehensive technical checks on manuscripts and accompanying documents to identify missing elements, incomplete metadata, and adherence to journal guidelines.

Manuscript assessment for
language quality. AI-assisted.

An AI model trained on STM content that uses sentence structure and parts of speech attributes to assess the language quality of a manuscript, provide a score and deliver a document with language feedback.

Spell-checker for STM content

Dictionary specifically for STM content that recognises and highlights typos, incorrect spelling, and grammatical inconsistencies, providing accurate recommendations and suggestions.

Logical break-points for
complex equations.

Identifies optimal break-points for long and complex mathematical equations with over 90% accuracy, helping pagination engines and web pages recognise where to insert logical line breaks. 

Structure, validate and
style references

RNN ML-model for structuring references is coupled with validation against established databases and CSL based styling. With high automation levels of over 96% and accurate error awareness, the product generates significant production efficiency. 



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