End-to-end publishing services, from approved manuscripts to print and online deliverables.

Powered by a robust production
technology backbone

Our commitment to deliver quality work and our efficient technology-powered workflows set us apart from competitors.

We work across life sciences, medicine and nursing, chemical sciences, physical sciences, engineering, technology, social sciences, and humanities. 50% of our work is complex and non-standard.

Our service delivery is supported by a powerful technology backbone, robust IT infrastructure, and resilient business continuity practices.

Publishing Services

Copy editing

700 in-house copy editors and 200 onshore/offshore freelancers delivering high-quality editing using the efficient technology of TNQ’s ACE and ICE products.


500 conversion specialists work on a universal DTD-based industry leading product, MLiFlow, to transform NLM/JATS/BITS or any granular customer-specific DTD/schema. 


500 paginators produce stunning pages with standard and design-heavy layouts using automated pagination systems built over 3B2, Indesign, LaTeX and Page Central.


250 graphic designers handle multiple incoming formats and deliver processed images and graphics for print and the web.

Illustration, design, and animation

Our highly skilled team of illustrators handles graphics editing, simple and complex medical, technical, and scientific illustrations, 2D and 3D graphs and charts, simulation, and animation.

Project management

Trained experts with excellent communication and organising skills, handle full-service journal and book project management.

Graphical abstracts

Our professional design team transforms the data and findings of scientists and researchers into concise, intelligible, and engaging visuals. 

Image screening

The image screening service detects probable image alteration, cloning, duplication, magnification, and other manipulations using technology and human assistance.



years of STM domain


publishing experts working on
content enrichment


tech experts building products to increase production efficiency


million book and journal
pages processed every year


customers across Europe and
North America


books and journals worked on
every year

Our Technology backbone
for our production services

With a dedicated R&D team working alongside our technology folks, our goal is to anticipate the evolution and needs of the publishing industry, and continually reimagine every component of our production services technology platform


Our machine-learning and AI-powered SMART architecture means we can provide our customers with a change-responsive, highly efficient, quality driven service offering that is commercially attractive and viable.

Our customers include 6 out of the 10 largest
English language commercial publishers, and over
100 prestigious societies, associations and university presses


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