Process checks created with an emphasis on continual improvement.


Our approach to quality

Our expertise in the publishing industry, ably supported by new technologies and a deep-rooted culture of prioritising quality, allows us to deliver results consistently. At TNQ, we believe quality is an enterprise function that requires established processes that are defined with proven principles, rigorous quality training and assessment. We lay emphasis on continuous improvement, and attention from dedicated teams for quality monitoring.

We’ve implemented “Lean” and “Six Sigma” methodologies to facilitate a scientific approach to quality issues that enables us to achieve high operational efficiency with continual improvement.

The quality metrics are derived based on the internal and external key performance indicators (KPIs), which in turn are calculated using either whole or sampling methods on a fixed frequency.


The QMS guides our quality team, which is responsible for collating data, analysing and sharing reports, and discussing findings with the wider audience at a bi-weekly meeting.  

The data used to measure the KPIs is collected from three parties:

  • customers
  • our process tools
  • our teams 
Cross-functional teams are formed to analyse and categorise errors. Top pain areas are identified and improvement projects are initiated to eliminate the errors and reduce the rework percentage. Every improvement project is recognized as ‘Kaizen’ (Japanese term for “small improvements”) which is evaluated based on the outcome of the project. Process audits are conducted on a monthly basis for the operators to ensure the Standard Operating Procedures are followed. Value Stream Mapping is done semi-annually to identify and eliminate any non-value-adding activities in the workflow. 


A patent-protected, fully-automated, browser-based pagination engine that generates both high-quality PDF pages for print as well as interactive pages for online consumption.

Extracts and organises manuscript information and makes peer review contextual, interactive, and more efficient.


Microservices extracted from the core of our production technology, to transform publishers’ workflows.


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