TNQ, the largest supplier of boutique publishing services and technologies to prestigious society publishers, opens an office in North America.

TNQ North America (TNQ NA) will better serve our customers in the region - learned societies, universities, and STM publishers - during local business hours.

TNQ, a leading Indian provider of publishing services and innovative technologies, will be located in the Toronto - Waterloo region. TNQ delivers its range of publishing services off a strong technological backbone. This technology infrastructure enables the delivery of both boutique, non-standard journals and book production for prestigious societies as well as of high-standard, cost-effective, quick turnaround, volume production for large publishers.


TNQ’s publishing services are end-to-end, from approved manuscript to print and online deliverables. They include project management, copyediting, XML conversion, graphics processing and illustration, pagination, and final deliverables in all formats.

TNQ handled close to 4 million book and journal pages in 2020. Almost 40% of these pages are from North America, and almost all of these North American pages are those of prestigious societies doing basic and clinical research in the health sciences.


TNQ has over 700 full-time copyeditors and close to 200 freelancers, who copyedit to both publisher’s individual style guides and to industry style guides such as the AMA, APA, ACS, CMS, CBE etc.


TNQ has close to 500 conversion specialists capable of handling various versions of NLM/JATS and also any granular, customer-specific DTD and schema.


TNQ has over 500 paginators, who handle 3B2, InDesign, LaTeX, and TNQ’s own Page Central. They produce both standardised pages for large publishers as well as highly complex, multiple-template, design-heavy pages for prestigious society titles.


TNQ has over 250 graphics operators, who work on multiple formats such as EPS, SVG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and also MS office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) as required by the print and electronic deliverable requirements. We also offer an Image Detection service for detecting any manipulation of images.


TNQ’s team of highly skilled illustrators can handle graphics editing, simple and complex medical, technical, and scientific illustrations, 2D and 3D graphs and charts, simulation, and animation.

Journal Management

TNQ’s Journal Managers have been trained in the US, UK, and Europe to handle full-service project management for individual societies and for large publishers. They also handle advertising placement and scheduling.


Publishing technologies innovator, TNQ, offers a suite of publishing products and solutions from authoring, manuscript submission, peer review, proofing to paging.

TNQ has always invested heavily in the development of STM publishing technologies and the designing of publishing products of the future. The company’s technologies are grounded in TNQ’s deep domain knowledge and vast experience. At the core of its production technology is TNQ’s conversion engine built around the TUD, the TNQ Universal DTD, which gets increasingly complex and granular as it encompasses each new customer’s XML requirement.

TNQ’s copyediting platform has over 4000 rules covering various industry and publisher style guides. Smart Central, is TNQ’s vision of the future of STM publishing technology and aims at transforming TNQ’s production technology and also helping customers transform their internal workflows.

A knowledge management system supporting scientific research. Currently used by more than 10,000 students and faculty at Indian academic institutes, to create, collaborate, and circulate reports, theses, and dissertations.


Widely accepted as the best available online HTML proofing platform in the STM publishing world.


A patent-protected, fully-automated, browser-based pagination engine that generates both high-quality PDF pages for print as well as interactive pages for online consumption.


Makes available an annotatable HTML version of the manuscript to make anonymous peer review interactive and more efficient.


Will be the core of our production technology and is used by customers to transform their internal workflows.


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“The Toronto-Waterloo corridor, where TNQ will be located, is known to be a large reservoir of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) talent and is home to many AI startups. TNQ NA will tap into this and develop an AI R&D hub to support TNQ Technologies’ existing and well-known publishing technology products and infrastructure.”



Serving the scientific publishing and research communities through cutting edge publishing technologies and services

India-based TNQ Technologies has more than 3200 employees, almost all of them with a strong educational background in science or technology. The company was founded in 1998. Today TNQ’s technology products and services are widely used by leading publishers of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) books and journals worldwide and through them by several million authors.

Among TNQ’s customers are 6 out of the 10 largest English language commercial publishers and over 100 prestigious societies, associations and university presses. TNQ is an equal opportunity employer with regard to gender, religion, caste, and ethnicity. The company has a firm commitment to employee and community welfare and to the world of science in India and its betterment.


“To enhance STM content and provide high quality publishing services and innovative technology products for both print and web, using creative, cutting-edge technology solutions.”


In addition to its new North American office, TNQ Technologies has two offices in South India, in Chennai and Coimbatore, and an office in London, UK.


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