Manage journal production
from acceptance to publication.


Our Journal Managers (JMs) are publisher representatives within TNQ.

They act as a liaison between the publisher's editorial office, their operations team, authors, freelancers, copyeditors, and production staff.


Having been in STM publishing for 25 years, we understand the pain points of journal production and recognize the need for a dedicated liaison officer.


Million journal pages managed annually


Journal managers


Met KPI for on-time publication


Our Journal Managers are capable of evolving with the publisher’s requirements
and have the support of a well-established and trusted STM services and products company.

Timely communication with
Authors and Editors

Ensuring production schedules are met

Maintaining accurate Journal Style sheets

Proofing and proof chases

Handling adverts

Tracking submission trends

Proof collation

Analyzing Journal inflow

Review and approve

How do our Journal Managers aid the production process? 


Our JMs have been trained to be culturally sensitive to authors and editors from all around the world. This results in better communication and improves efficiency.

  • We encourage them to assimilate with the publishing organizations they work with. This nurtures accountability, pride, and ownership of the journals they work on.
  • Being close to the production crew, having a relationship with them, and being in the same time zone as them allows for feedback to be exchanged seamlessly and gives them unique insight into how they could improve the production process. 

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