Research and image integrity
got your time and attention?

How we screen images
for manipulation

TNQʼs image screening approach is hybrid: software to run automated checks for known patterns of deliberate manipulation or genuine errors, and people to spot those sneaky ones that pull a Houdini on the systems.


Across four global publishers, we screen 7,500 images a year, working to deliver an efficient productised service. 25 years of experience in STM publishing means we understand what is at stake.

Robust technology backbone to assist our team

Expert teams skilled at detecting manipulations

Comprehensive reports with actionable details

API integration with publishers' systems

JSON and PDF output files

Dashboard access with weekly and monthly reports


Our process screens individual images in their source formats, and can also integrate with your submission or production system via an API gateway to consume the manuscript directly. The images then go through an initial screening for eligibility; line art and other ineligible images are excluded. A series of robust automated checks follows, generating a comprehensive report that is evaluated by an experienced professional. While screening technology has come a long way, existing tech solutions present a high degree of false positives. They are no match for a smart cookie looking to pull a fast one. Thatʼs where our experts come in. They are no stranger to manipulated images and know exactly what to look for, using processing software and adjusting brightness and contrast.


A full report describing suspected alterations with details, and an output “package” via an API containing a PDF report and a JSON file for system-consumption. Editorial offices also have access to a comprehensive dashboard to review weekly and monthly data for insight into service levels, manipulation types and their frequency, and types of articles they occur in.


Research and image integrity
got your time and attention?

Other services

Graphical abstracts

Our professional design team transforms the data and findings of scientists and researchers into concise, intelligible, and engaging visuals using industry standard image processing technologies.

Project management​

Trained experts with excellent communication and organising skills, handle full-service journal and book project management.

Copy editing

700 in-house copy editors and 200 onshore/offshore freelancers delivering high-quality editing using the efficient technology of TNQ’s ACE and ICE products.

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