Graphics editing

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Graphics processing at TNQ is highly automated. Looking at the outputs, you can't tell. The Graphics Verification Tool that we use for checking the quality of the processed art is best in class. We go beyond standard packages like Adobe, and work with ImageJ and VIPS. These open source programmes allow us to accept lab files in nearly 400 application file formats from authors, freeing them from having to pre-process their files becuase the submission guidelines demand it.

TNQ's Image Detective practice spots out wanton manipulation of any kind in the submitted images. Image Detective is automated at the first level. The false positives that such automation can often produce are filtered out with intelligent intervention.


Graphs & Charts

Design, illustration and multimedia services establish TNQ as an integrated outsource for not just textual content transformation but also visual content transformation. TNQ offers these services to not only publishers but also directly to authors.

We provide managed online illustration services that attract thousands of authors every week who want to present cutting-edge science in a visually appealing manner. Today, TNQ designs covers and interiors for a number of journals, books and magazines, delivers complex technical and figurative illustrations for mathematics and health sciences, generates business graphics from raw data, searches and sources stock images and stylises content for both print and web.

TNQ enables smart online annotation for all types of visual content. This makes collaboration easy between authors, publishers and the creative resources. The iteration is tracked and managed online right through, whether the content is image, audio or video. It is significant that we are able to close out all queries in one round and all revises in not more than two rounds across 98% of our creative projects.


3D Simulation of engineering prototypes and human and animal organs is a niche practice at TNQ.


Complex science made accessible. Our team of writers, designers, illustrators, animators and video artists produce compelling narratives, with great understanding of the concepts that authors wish to express and explain.