TNQ has been committed to furthering causes such as higher education, performing arts, fine arts, and community welfare for many years, covered under our CSR umbrella.


Journalism – Student Scholarship

A strong and independent media is the cornerstone of a vibrant community. “TNQ has over the years been supporting the Asian College of Journalism with an annual scholarship covering the full tuition fee of a woman student from an economically, and often socially, disadvantaged background. This scholarship enables bright young women who do well in the entrance tests of the ACJ but who find it difficult to raise the resources to pay the college fees to take up the one-year postgraduate diploma programme. These students who come from different parts of India also find ready placement in the news media on completion of the course.

The scholarship is based on a merit-cum-means criterion with accent on the means. A distinctive feature of the scholarship, as with all scholarships at ACJ, is that only the faculty of the college and the entity endowing the scholarship, like TNQ, know who its recipient is. The students on scholarships are not identified as such, to prevent their being subject to any possible discrimination on the campus. TNQ's consistent support makes it possible for ACJ to put another deserving woman journalist into the profession each year, making a big difference to her life and making for greater diversity in our news rooms.”- Sashi Kumar – Chairman, Asian College of Journalism.

Mathematics - Faculty Grant

“TNQ has been contributing towards the faculty development fund at the Chennai Mathematical Institute year after year. A major part of this grant has been used to award the Ramanujan Faculty Fellowship to a deserving young mathematics faculty member. The grant has also helped our faculty attend conferences and workshops internationally, and host scientists and visitors from abroad. The continued support from TNQ has gone a long way in the growth and development of CMI.” – Rajeeva Karandikar – Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Performing Arts

Attakkalari – Student Scholarship

“TNQ has been a long-time partner and supporter of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bengaluru - the lead organization in India in the field of Contemporary Dance and Stage Technologies. TNQ’s support has enabled Attakkalari to offer scholarships to deserving students from less privileged backgrounds to pursue the professional Diploma programme and to realise their dream of a career in the performing arts. These scholarships indeed have given many talented young dancers a career, self-esteem and a fulfilling life.” – Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts.

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Foundation for Agrarian Studies

The Foundation for Agrarian Studies is a charitable trust based in India and established in 2003. Its major objectives are to facilitate and sponsor multi-disciplinary theoretical and empirical enquiry in the field of agrarian studies in India and elsewhere in less-developed countries, promote research to eradicate hunger, poverty and malnutrition, and promote gender and socio-economic equality.

TNQ designs the web and print versions of the peer-reviewed journal – Review of Agrarian Studies, and manages the production of both versions. TNQ’s funding has been instrumental in supporting various activities under our initiatives - the Project on Agrarian Relations in India, the Socio-Economic Survey Book Series, and a research project on Women’s Work in Agriculture and Rural Production in India. We have also been able to host a number of seminars, conferences and workshops across the country with TNQ’s support.” – Madhura Swaminathan, Trustee – Foundation for Agrarian Studies.


People’s Archive of Rural India

People’s Archive of Rural India is a living journal that publishes stories, reports, videos and audios that document the complexities of countryside India. TNQ has funded documentation projects led by enterprising women fellows, who travelled across the country highlighting the diversity, challenges, issues, and culture of its people.

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Karunaii Trust

Karunaii Trust, a school for the differently abled, receives long-term support from TNQ, towards building and maintenance of infrastructure, educational material, and salaries for administrative staff. Some of the children, when ready, are absorbed into the payroll of TNQ, to the extent possible.

Karunaii Trust


TNQ supports an Integrated Child Development Centre run by the Government to provide nutrition and education to young children, young mothers and mothers-to-be. The Centre supported by TNQ, located in an economically backward region within the urban landscape, was nominated for a State Award.