High-quality editing services.
Efficient and consistent delivery.

Supported by a robust technology backbone,
comprehensive copy editing rules, and a meticulous production process, our copy editors skillfully deliver edited research content.

Our editorial staff is composed of both in-house copy editors based in India, and onshore freelance copy editors from the US, UK, and Europe.

Our copy editors are experienced in editing research articles, books, and other scholarly publications. All our in-house copy editors have bachelor’s degrees in the subject domain and undergo a comprehensive training programme on general copy editing as well as customer-specific nuances.

Wherever needed, we follow a hybrid approach to copy editing with a mix of onshore and offshore copy editors which ensures maximum efficiency and optimal quality.

The technology backbone for our copy editing service are TNQ-developed, machine-learning based products. Our editing products, ACE and ICE, use a rule engine to automatically apply copy editing rules and identify where human intervention is needed for validation.  Style sheets and style guidelines have been incorporated into the database. MLiFlow, a Word-based engine, allows editors to structure and format documents for efficient copy editing. The output of this process is a well-structured, copy edited manuscript that conforms to journal specific style guides and a granular XML as per the schema/DTD requirement of the customer.


25 years of experience in STM publishing


Copy editing


Coverage of AMA, APA
and CMS rules


copy editors


Our expertise in the publishing industry, a rigorous training programme, and a technology-driven production process allow us to maintain the highest level of quality in everything that we deliver. Our quality control framework was created primarily to understand and document customer requirements, as well as to implement data-driven internal and external quality metrics that evaluate people, processes, and technology.


Edit Central

Our in-home product, MLiflow’s next gen evolution is a browser-based, AI-enabled, error-aware, collaborative platform.

SMART framework

Our products ACE and ICE are being transformed into an ML-based API service that is error-aware and powers Edit Central.


An interactive, real-time dashboard will assess the quality and KPIs of copy editing.



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Other services

Graphical abstracts

Our professional design team transforms the data and findings of scientists and researchers into concise, intelligible, and engaging visuals using industry standard image processing technologies.

Project management​

Trained experts with excellent communication and organising skills, handle full-service journal and book project management.

Image screening

The image screening service detects probable image alteration, cloning, duplication, magnification, and other manipulations using technology and human assistance.

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