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The TNQ Distinguished Lectures in the Life Sciences | Series II,
2nd Edition

New Delhi
January 19, 2024
January 22, 2024
January 24, 2024
Google DeepMind’s


‘Highly accurate protein structure predictions:
using AI to solve biology problems in minutes instead of years’

The TNQ Distinguished Lectures in the Life Sciences | Series II,
Third Edition

Bengaluru February 19, 2024
February 23, 2024

End to end services taking approved manuscripts
to print and
web, powered by a robust production technology backbone.

Copy editing

700 in-house copy editors and 200 onshore/offshore freelancers delivering high-quality editing using the efficient technology of TNQ’s ACE and ICE products.


500 conversion specialists work on a universal DTD-based industry leading product, MLiFlow, to transform NLM/JATS/BITS or any granular, customer specific DTD/schema.


500 Paginators produce stunning pages with standard and design-heavy layouts using automated pagination systems built over 3B2, Indesign, LaTeX and Page Central.


250 graphic designers handle multiple incoming formats and deliver processed images and graphics for print and the web.

Illustration, design, and animation

Our highly skilled team of illustrators handles graphics editing, simple and complex medical, technical, and scientific illustrations, 2D and 3D graphs and charts, simulation, and animation.

Project management

Trained experts with excellent communication and organising skills, handle full-service journal and book project management.


HTML-first, browser-based
products that reimagine
content production workflows,
including peer review,
and pagination.

Proof Central TNQ

Online proofing. Trusted by millions of authors.

Widely accepted as the best available online HTML proofing platform in the STM publishing world, making the process of author proofing 40% faster.

On-the-fly pagination. Powered by HTML.

A patent-protected, fully-automated, browser-based pagination engine that generates both high-quality PDF pages for print as well as interactive pages for online consumption.

Efficient copy editing.
Built for collaboration.

Online collaborative suite for copy editing that leverages our largest collection of style guides.

Microservices for
smarter publishing.

Microservices extracted from the core of our production technology, to transform publishers’ workflows.


Making peer review simpler
faster, smarter.

Extracts and organises manuscript information and makes peer review contextual, interactive, and more efficient.



Build a meaningful career
in support
of science
and research.

The work we do at TNQ has real-world implications on science, technology, and
medicine. Our services and tech products help researchers, scientists, medical
practitioners, and students get their research out wider and faster.

Join us to build a meaningful career – whether you’re a software developer, a fresh
science graduate, or a seasoned copy editor!

The TNQ distinguished lectures in the Life Sciences

This annual event is aimed at bringing internationally renowned scientists face-to-face with the Indian scientific community, to showcase current and path-breaking research in the life sciences.


Ron Vale

Marvelous Molecular Motors

Ron Vale was the 2023 Featured Speaker of the TNQ Distinguished Lectures in the Life Sciences. The 2023 lectures are the 1ˢᵗ edition of Series II of this lecture series. 

The Inspiring Science Award

An annual award sponsored by TNQ Technologies, the Inspiring Science Award is for the best
published paper in the Life Sciences by a student from India. It aims to recognise and reward quality
science, inspire scholarship, and support researchers to pursue their passion in the Life Sciences.

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