TNQ is committed to CSR, covering wildlife and environment, society and community, and education. The annual lecture series that TNQ co-sponsors with Cell Press (, features scientists at the cutting edge of the biological sciences. It is a major event in the Indian science calendar, looked forward to by policy makers as much as medical practitioners, researchers and students. The company sponsors a chair at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, provides scholarships for the study of journalism and the performing arts, contributes to the Integrated Child Development Scheme, a Government of India initiative, assists in running a school for the differently-abled, facilitates wildlife-tribal life harmony by funding NGOs committed to this task, and has done its bit for the Lepra India Trust, founded on the ideals of Mother Teresa.

Higher Education

As Sponsor of the 'Cell Press-TNQ India Distinguished Lectureship Series', TNQ promotes interaction between great contemporary biological scientists and students of biology in India, its teachers, researchers, and policy makers. The lecture series is a platform for inspirational interaction.

As a Co-Sponsor of the 125th anniversary celebrations (2011-12) of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan with the Indian Mathematical Society, TNQ hosted a lecture by Prof. Robert Kanigel, the biographer of Ramanujan in Chennai on December 26, 2011.

Education and Community

Performing Arts

TNQ provides annual scholarships to students of dance studying at Attakkalari, Bengaluru. The students are invariably from underprivileged backgrounds and they often lack formal education otherwise. Financial support then becomes that much more necessary.


Every year, a student of the Asian College of Journalism, the region's premier institution for media studies, gets a scholarship. Media studies are intrinsically more expensive, making the financial support that much more relevant.


TNQ supports an Integrated Child Development Centre run by the Government to provide nutrition and education to young children, young mothers and mothers-to-be. The Centre supported by TNQ, located in an economically backward region within the urban landscape, was nominated for a State Award.

Karunaii Trust, a school for the differently abled, receives long-term support from TNQ. The administrative staff of the Trust are treated as employees of TNQ and some of the children, when ready, are absorbed into the payroll of TNQ, to the extent possible.

Tiger Watch

Tiger Watch is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which has, as its primary objective, the conservation and protection of wildlife, at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan. Mr. F. S. Rathore, formerly the Field Director, Ranthambore National Park, and other prominent conservationists run this organization.

Mr. Fateh Singh made this park world famous for its Tigers. On his retirement, seeing the deteriorating situation of wild life in general and the grave condition of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in particular, wished to use his personal and intimate knowledge of the park and contribute towards its betterment. Tiger Watch has thus been constituted with the idea of augmenting the resources of the Forest Department to combat various problems faced in the management of this famous Tiger Reserve.