Bloggers and Journalists do Single-URL Publishing. Why not Scientists?

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The future of publishing is HTML. What about the future of Authoring - Word, LaTeX...?

TNQ is soon launching a WYSIWYG HTML Editor for you to Write your science, and Cite, Share and Submit it. When you submit, the odds are that your paper is as good as accepted.

The Editor, you will discover, is much more than that. It is a great environment to think science, and do science. We call it Author Cafe, a place where authors can create, collaborate and complete the realisation of their passion.

The Author Cafe Editor is free and is safe - no looking into the content, or databasing, mining and such. When authors need professional support to enrich the manuscript, TNQ delivers them straight into the Editor. The free Editor will be available soon; the services a little later. Please pre-register and we will send you a release note when Author Cafe launches. Rest assured, no spamming or newsletter.


The Cell Press–TNQ India Distinguished
Lectureship Series - 2015

  • Featured Speaker: Eric Lander
  • "The Human Genome and Beyond: A 35-year journey of genomic medicine"
  • New Delhi: February 23, 2015
    Chennai: February 25, 2015
    Bengaluru: February 27, 2015 Details


Researchers the world over give you their conjectures, thesis and hypothesis.
You give them the proof.